Our Philosophy

Our Vision

I have known Martin and Glenn for years now and I can tell you this… they never wanted to build a team. Opening a branch, building a brand, or running an operation didn’t cross their minds until it was their only option.

I was always told that if you find yourself going down a road and you do not like what is in front of you, that it is your responsibility to change the path and if the path you desire does not exist, then you create it. That is exactly what they did… they built The HOME Team, powered by USA Mortgage .

Their focus became to create something different. They wanted to alter what was known as “the typical lender”, the “typical mortgage team” and start fresh with new ideas, a new direction and to create an environment where innovation and partnership thrives.

I have had the privilege of getting to know them, of helping them grow their team and of creating a platform that allows their ‘WHY’ to reach far and wide. You know you are working with a special group of people when their primary focus is explaining the WHY behind their drive. They were gracious enough to let me poke, prod and dig into their lives and what I found really hit me – They do this because they understand the ache to have a place to call home.

That simple. That profound.

They want to dream with others, not only do they want to dream with their referral partners and their clients, but they dream with their staff as well.

– N.S.

The Home Team Way, powered by USA Mortgage

It is important to surround one’s self with people who push you to work hard, people you respect, people you trust and care for. It is important to be on a team and work with those who genuinely want to lift others up. That is The HOME Team, powered by USA Mortgage. Our Mortgage Bankers are here to teach people how to build wealth through Real Estate, to be a resource for financial mortgage advice, to better the lives of all they come in contact with. If you have worked with Martin, Glenn, Jerry or April you know exactly what I am talking about. It is truly an honor to introduce you to our team.

Our Mortgage Bankers are backed with an incredible support system of individuals whose sole focus is to help the dream of homeownership reach as many people of possible.


Because we all understand that ache to have a place to call home.

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