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Buying An Arizona Home With A Jumbo Loan Could Not Be Easier

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Simple: we find the right loan for you.

Want to know one way we make it enjoyable? We keep it simple, with a small number of steps to get you from here to closing day and into your new home. Get a look into how we do it with this short video, “Home Refinance Loan Process.”

1. Pre-Qualification and Documentation

Here we go, the first step. It starts with completing an application, either online or with the assistance of a loan officer. After that, your friendly neighborhood officer will help you determine which program

2. Start Shopping for a New Home

Yes! See, we told you, this is fun! Now you’re on the hunt for the perfect place to call home. A real estate agent can spot any issues and make sure you’re aware, as well as secure the best terms and price

3. Begin the Loan Process

With a sales contract agreed upon, everybody’s on the same page. Now the Mortgage Loan Originator begins to work on the best options and terms, then provides you with an estimate.

4. Inspection and Appraisal

This is when you really want to get up close and personal. With a thorough examination of the home, an inspector will check over the build, structure, materials and any defects or items you will want to

5. Conditional Approval

You! Are! So! Close! At this point, the underwriter will review all the documentation. If it meets the minimum requirements, they’ll issue a “conditional approval.”

6. Final Approval and Closing

And here we are… with final sign-off, you’re clear to close. We’ll get the paperwork ready for you to sign, then we’ll move the money to the title company to pay for your home. High-fives all around!


What type of loans are available?

Conventional Loans

This is the usual starting point for many, because it’s exactly what it sounds like: conventional. A Conventional Loan is pretty standard and requires a minimum down payment of 5%, for a maximum loan amount of $548,250. In addition:

  • Seller concession is up to 3-9% of the sales price
  • PMI required over 80% LTV
  • Additional options are available

USDA Home Loans

For a USDA Home Loan, a new or existing property must be located in a USDA-approved area. While there may possibly be financed closing costs, there is no down payment required (100% – 102% LTV financing based on appraised value.) These also feature reduced monthly mortgage insurance premiums. In addition:

  • Seller concessions of up to 6% of the sales price
  • Condominiums may be eligible for financing
  • Not restricted to first time home buyers

FHA Loans

With no income limits, FHA Loans require a 3.5% minimum down payment and a maximum loan amount of $356,362. For condominiums, they must be on FHA-approved list. Also, an upfront Mortgage Insurance premium is financed into the loan. In addition:

  • Seller concessions up to 6% of the sales price
  • Gifts allowed

VA (Veterans Affairs) Loans

Specifically for Veterans, VA Loans require no down payment (loan applicants must meet VA eligibility, however.) The maximum loan amount is $548,250, with no mortgage insurance. The VA funding fee can be financed into the loan (which can be waived by disabled veterans.)

Reverse Mortgage

Just like any other type of mortgage, though the applicant must be 62 years or older, own the property, and occupy it as their primary residence. One nice bonus? You don’t have to make a payment until the last surviving homeowner permanently moves out of the property or passes away. At that point, any remaining equity will be inherited by the estate.

  • Greater fund flexibility
  • Can offer a better alternative to selling

Jumbo Loans

For homes exceeding the value of Conventional Loans as established by the FHFA (the current conforming loan limit for one-unit homes in most counties nationwide is $548,250). Predominantly used to finance homes in highly competitive real estate markets or luxury homes, Jumbo Loans are usually available with a fixed interest rate or an adjustable rate.

  • Down payments must be 10%-15% of the purchase price.
  • Offer a few options when it comes loan types.

I was seriously blown away by the efficient and streamlined process you employ. The app made it SO easy to stay informed and provide info when needed. But most of all the communication and support received by every single person on the team was genuine and more than I could have hoped for.

Jessie R R.

Standwood, WA

The Metzdorf Team are with you every step and is available when you have questions. They made this a smooth and efficient process.

Jayson H.

Phoenix, AZ

The Metzdorf Team was fantastic. Hoops were thrown in left and right by previous employer VOE and appraisals but they stayed on top of everything and over-communicated with us to ensure we were always in the loop. 10/10!!!

John V.

Snohomish, WA

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The Metzdorf Team has been in the Top 1% of Mortgage Originators in America since 2017 and is TRIED, TRUE and TRUSTED. This team is known for their drive to go above and beyond for all parties involved in the loan process.

When working with this team you can expect clear communication as they walk with you hand in hand towards the dream of homeownership. They excel at educating their clients throughout the transaction and work tirelessly to help all they encounter build wealth through Real Estate.

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